• October, 2020
    > LabTEVE celebrates 20 years of activity! Know more of this event here.
  • February, 2017
    > The portal PEGADAS is available for free access. Check the pages of the project here.
  • November, 2016
    > LabTEVE receives 5 awards in the 2nd Innovation Award Ceremony promoted by INOVA. More details here.
  • August, 2016
    > Serie Biologia Divertida has the first app available and is highlighted by the press at TV Cabo Branco and TV Tambaú. More information at project pages.
  • June, 2016
    > LabTEVE will be in the Symposium on Virtual Reality (Gramado/RS) presenting researches about games for rehabilitation and virtual environments for training. More information can be found at the SVR webpages.
    > Haptics Calibrator is now available. Download it at project's page!
  • May, 2016
    LabTEVE attends international conference on serious games applications in health at United States, SEGAH 2016, that takes place between the 9th and 11th of this month.
  • April, 2016
    > It is available for download the Haptic calibrator, designed to support the developement of simulators based on virtual reality. Access Haptic Calibrator project pages for more information.
    > The simulator SIMTAMI is available! This simulator developed by LabTEVE is devoted for the training of injectable drugs administration by needle. The simulator includes all steps related to the training process of techniques necessary to perform the procedure. Obtain more information on SIMTAMI project's page.
  • April, 2015
    > New remaster of KLabTEVE is available. More information at project website.
    > LabTEVE presents the virtual environment for the training of surgical teams. Access the SIMCEC environment.
  • March, 2015
    LabTEVE will be in the Expotec 2015. On 29 and 30 of March will be presented three talks and several projects about serious games and virtual reality. More information at Expotec website.
  • February, 2015
    The game Caixa de Pandora is availabe for download. Check the project page: Caixa de Pandora.
  • November, 2014
    LabTEVE presented in the 12th Fair of Technology in Campina Grande.
  • March, 2014
    Inform Note of Pandora's Box project (in Portuguese).
  • February, 2014
    > LabTEVE was present in Arena de Soluções of the 1st International Forum of Leaders in Education and Technology from North-Northest. (Press Note).
    > Ingá Virtual, the virtual archeological site of Ingá Stone, is open for visit! Acess it from the project webpage.
  • November, 2013
    9th edition of Festival Mundo: project Ingá Virtual is presented in November, 2 and 3 at Usina Energisa in João Pessoa.
  • October 2013
    Projects developed by LabTEVE are presented in the Week of Science and Technology in João Pessoa.
  • March, 2013
    CYBERMED 3.0 is avalilable with a new data structure and support to volumetric data. Access here.
  • September, 2012
    INCT Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing is renewed by CNPq until 2014. Access here to know the LabTEVE activities in this institute.
  • April, 2012
    New version of the Visual Statistical Calculator is available. Access here!.
  • March, 2012
    Published the "Handbook of Research on Serious Games as Educational, Business and Research Tools". Chapter 17 has authors from LabTEVE. Access here.
  • September, 2011
    Museu3I opened for visiting. Access here!
  • April, 2011
    LabTEVE is present in the 1st Exposition of AudioVisual Technological Inovation - XPTA.LAB that happens between April 3 and 5 at Cinemateca Brasileira (São Paulo). The laboratory team presents the projects Interactive Archaeology and Itinerant Art Through Virtual Museums.
  • March, 2011
    > Professor Dr. Teresa Restivo from University of Porto (Portugal) visits LabTEVE between 23 and 26 to joint works in projects Tactile Remote Laboratories and CyberMed. She will also be in the evaluation board of the Master dissertation of the researcher Herbet Ferreira Rodrigues on 23.
    > LabTEVE receives Dr. Pingjun Xia, from Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and post doctorate at University of Porto (Portugal), and the researcher MSc. Ícaro Cunha, doctorate candidate at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, to joint works in the CyberMed project.
  • November, 2010
    > Results of INCT-MACC are evaluated in Brasília. LabTEVE is one of the associated laboratories (project).
  • October, 2010
    > Researchers of LabTEVE give seminar at University of Porto (UP) in Portugal. The activity is included in the cooperation between UFPB and UP.
    > Talk about games is given by coodinator of LabTEVE at University of Minho in Portugal.
    > Games produced in LabTEVE are cited in news of the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.
    > Researchers from LabTEVE present four papers in the Brazilian Congress on Informatics in Health. The conference will take place in Porto de Galinhas/PE.
  • September, 2010
    LabTEVE host 3rd XPTA Workshop. Access the projects developed by LabTEVE: Interactive Archaeology e Itinerant Art Through Virtual Museums.
  • August, 2010
    Professors Teresa Restivo and Celina Pinto from University of Porto and University of Minho (Portugal) visit UFPB for two weeks in a scientific collaboration with LabTEVE
  • July, 2010
    > Paper from LabTEVE is awarded as BEST PAPER in the Workshop of Medical Informatics during the

       Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society. Access the paper.
    > Paper from LabTEVE is awarded as 3rd best PAPER in the Workshop of Informatics at School during the

       Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society. Access the paper.

  • June, 2010
    New version 2.0 of CyberMed magnetic tracking, assessment and collaboration.
  • March, 2010
    Version 1.6 of CyberMed supports tracking, texturing and networking.
  • November, 2009
    > Video of HiperReality project is available.

    > LabTEVE will develop projects in XPTA.lab from Brazil's Ministry of Culture.

  • October, 2009
    > LabTEVE presents 8 papers at WRVA'2009. Look the Publications.

    > ERMAC'2009 in João Pessoa has papers from LabTEVE. Look the Publications.

  • May, 2009
    Videos of LabTEVE projects are available.
  • April, 2009
    Download available of educational games developed by LabTEVE.
  • January, 2009
    LabTEVE joins National Institutes of Science and Technology - Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing.
  • June, 2008
    > New version of CyberMed available.

    > Pictures of X Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality - SVR2008.

  • May, 2008
    UFPB and LabTEVE host the X Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  • August, 2007
    UFPB opens LabTEVE new building.
  • March, 2004
    UFPB develops a low-cost virtual reality platform.
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