LabTEVE, Laboratory of Technologies for Virtual Teaching and Statistics, is a multi and inter diciplinary laboratory at the Departament of Statistics of the Federal University of Paraiba (UFPB). The laboratory was created in 2000 to develop and integrate technologies for virtual and distant teaching. In this context, it is included the research and use of several methodologies to provide and support the learning by systems that allow information access any time and anywhere as well as training of individuals to deal with new technologies. Those methodologies and technologies can be used for other purposes, besides education.

    Once LabTEVE researches are developed to support teaching and learning several areas, they include aspects of multi and inter disciplinarity, including, in addition to statistics, computer sciences, mathematics, health, engineering and education, among others.

    The main research areas of the laboratory are:

    LabTEVE develops scientific, technologic and innovation projects. Some researches are related to the under graduation courses Models of Decision in Health and/or Informatics of the Federal University of Paraiba.

Last news

  • October, 2020
    - LabTEVE celebrates 20 years of activity! Know more about this event here.

    February, 2017
    - The portal PEGADAS is available for free access. Check the pages of the project here.

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